24 maggio 2006

laura (no natalie, laura) imbruglia

natalie imbruglia ha una sorella che si chiama laura, e fa della musichetta carina
molto carina, molto semplice, bella voce, chitarra semplice
dal sito leggo che è nata nel '83, quindi anche molto giovane

le canzoni sono da giornata tranquilla, distesi su di un bel prato con l'amore accanto, oppure con un bel gruppo di amici

qui un po' di canzoni da prendere (in wma)
direttamente qui invece quella che mi piace di piu', 1st boyfriend

[So you were walking down this street a few steps in front of me, but I didn't recognise your hair line that's a lovely nape, but I knew you in the under-cut days... Middle parted and long on top, lift it up discover close-crop, I loved that look and just about 1 look was all it took. In Geography, you said to me: "Can I please borrow your glue stick?" So I handed you a stick of glue and decided that you were my pick of the boys in Year 7 You came 1st out of about 111. Oh first boyfriend Ben Castelli Oh first boyfriend, we ate jelly ice-blocks every lunch and recess...Must've known we wouldn't be able to find them now, we ate them in such excess.
Ours was a relationship of convenienceYou were left-handed, I was right We shared all the same classes I always sat on your right side... so if the teacher would dictate, we could write. But nothing in that class could stop us from holding hands so tight, so tight. But we broke up after 5 long weeks, and I was devastated for the longest time. 'Cause you moved on, but I still pined. You changed schools half-way through Year 9... Oh first boyfriend, Ben Castelli Oh first boyfriend, what the hell's he doing now? I used to ask myself, but now I won't. 'Cause now I know you're a parking policeman, You told me so. Thanks for rubbing off that chalk, I won't double-park again. Guess I'll see you at a reunion some time.]

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